IBU Youth and Junior World Championships Biathlon


Feb 26, 2018 - Mar 4, 2018


Nüpli küla, Valgamaa, Estonia

Event description:

We welcome you to the 2018 IBU Youth/Junior World Championships in Otepäa, Estonia. This is a venue, which has already seen many famous names and big victories. The 2015 IBU Open European Championships were held here, and in 2016 the venue hosted the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships. These events brought together many talented athletes. Olympic and World Champions, Crystal Globe winners and World Cup medalists have competed at Tehvandi Stadium. Last year’s juniors, who tested their strength in Estonia not so long ago, now represent their teams on the World Cup and IBU Cup circuits.

Volunteering opportunities:

You are welcome if You are at least 18 Years old. We need help in various tasks: ski stadium, teamwork, organisation, archery range etc. In order to apply, please write an e-mail to

Volunteer package:

International experience, access to competition area...

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